php4java. Let's run legacy PHP code in any Java Servlets container!

Current status: planning
Last update: February 23, 2001

  • PHP and online documentation

  • JavaCC and Grammar Repository
  • Rhino (JavaScript implementation)
  • FESI (EcmaScript/JavaScript implementation)
  • Resin (another implementation of compiled JavaScript for Java)
  • Jacl (tcl implementation)
  • JPhyton and article about JPhyton implementation
  • jython (continued implementation of JPython for Java)
  • perljvm project

  • Programming Languages for the Java Virtual Machine (all of the above and more)

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  • Tasks
  • PHP parser. Possible alternatives:
    • parser based on JavaCC. no grammar and no BNF for php language. Develop php grammar from scratch. Probably closest existing grammar is grammar for JPhytom

    • parser based on present C code. More research in this area required

  • PHP types mapping framework Set of Java classes implementing generic PHP types. We may reuse implementations from Java based Python, jtcl, JavaScript (see Links section).

  • PHP functions library
    • Extendable Framework. Should allow to customize required libraries. It will also helps on earliest stady for debugging PHP parser and types mapper framework.

    • Dependencies checker based on PHP parser will help to define priorities. It will allow to analyse existing php code and build list of required functions.

  • PHP engine for Java Servlets container will be like JSP engine (for example Tomkat's Jasper). It will allow to compile and then run Java sources (servlets) generated from PHP code.